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January 2022– Compucloud, an AWS Cloud services specialist since 2012, today announces their acceptance into the robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program.

AWS MSP Program Designation Press Release

January 2022– Compucloud, an AWS Cloud services specialist since 2012, today announces their  acceptance into the robust Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partner Program.

TheAWS MSP Partner Program recognizes and validates leading APN Consulting Partners such as, a highly skilled partner providing full lifecycle solutions to customers. Next-generation AWS MSPs can help enterprises invent tomorrow, solve business problems, and support initiatives by driving key outcomes. AWS MSPs provide the expertise, guidance, and services to help you through each stage the Cloud Adoption Journey: Plan & Design > Build & Migrate > Run & Operate > Optimize.

The AWS MSP Program validation process consists of a rigorous multi-day onsite audit performed by an independent, third-party auditor and aims to confirm the partner’s ability to provide next-generation managed services and capabilities in cloud architecture, automation, optimization, and management to their client’s AWS environments. The use of a third-party validation audit brings value to participating APN Partners such as Compucloud and AWS customers, who can confidently identify qualified AWS MSP Partners. Successfully completing the audit ensures AWS MSP Partners are experts on all AWS products and features, and that their business processes are best of breed, ensuring they are capable of delivering the high-level of customer focus Amazon is known for.

“Compucloud is proud to receive the MSP designation from AWS after more than 14 months of work towards the certification but with 10 years of experience as an AWS Cloud Value Added Service provider in Mexico and Central America”, said Octavio Flores, Founder & CEO of Compucloud. “Our systematic approach to successfully bring, up until today hundreds of customers in Mexico and Central America, to the AWS Cloud has been to focus on developing a superb team of highly capable Cloud specialists with the company’s customer centric mentality, forcing Compucloud to always first learn all about our prospect needs and goals, to then be able to suggest possible scenarios based on the leading technologies available today. Since our ultimate goal is that every one of our customers succeed on their journey to the Cloud, we continue working all along with every client under alternative proactive programs aimed at making sure our customer´s technology goals are fulfilled by leveraging the agility and pace of innovation that AWS provides with Compucloud breadth of services.”

By migrating to and building on Amazon Web Services (AWS), companies around the world are re-defining what’s possible. The explosive growth of technology solutions available from AWS and AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners, combined with the need for faster and more agile solution development, raises many questions for companies seeking to modernize their business. TheAWS MSP Partner Program was created to help customers identify validated APN Consulting Partners skilled at cloud infrastructure and application migration, and deliver value to customers by offering proactive monitoring, automation, and management of their customer’s environments.

AWS MSP Partners are fundamental to helping customers take advantage of the AWS Cloud. In order to achieve this AWS MSP certification, we completed an extensive external audit to ensure that Compucloud status and our technical capabilities met the high standards set by AWS.

About Compucloud – The leading provider of Cloud Managed Services with a presence in Mexico and Central America.

AWS specialists in cloud architecture, planning, migration, implementation, security, management, support and continuous monitoring of infrastructure.

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